About Us

Circle of Friends - group photoCircle of Friends is a five-member Christian music group who met in 1993 while attending a United Methodist church in St. Charles, Missouri.  Since then they have had the privilege of sharing their music through performances in numerous churches and other organizations in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas.  Their stated purpose is to be “witnesses of their faith, to share any gifts they have been given, to touch people through music, laughter, and heartfelt emotion and to help others.”

The music of Circle of Friends includes both original and traditional Christian-based songs covering a wide variety of styles.  Influences include folk, rock, country, jazz, blues and gospel.  The group’s instrumentation consists of guitars, keyboards, percussion, synthesized guitar and bass.  They also perform songs a cappella and rely on rich vocal harmonies in all their music to help convey their spiritually uplifting and inspirational message.  A non-profit organization, the group believes their ministry “has been a wonderful blessing to us, and we are grateful to all those who have allowed us to share in their worship services and social events.”

The first Circle of Friends CD and tape, called Every Child Is A Child Of God, was released in May 1999.  It was followed in 2001 by Flowing Through The Heart.  Both releases contain original and traditional songs.  In early 2008, Circle of Friends released their third CD, called Simple Faith.  With this newest CD, they hope to further express their deep religious convictions and continue to share their message of faith and Christian love with an ever-growing circle of friends. They are currently at work on their fourth CD.

Members of the group are Jan Cavender, Kevin DeSain, Terry Lynett, Mitzi Brammer and Steve Hagler.